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"Each of the employees of Peak are experts at what they do. This fact makes for a product output with high expectations and of a high caliber. They also realize that they are not the final just of their work, the customer is."
Lawrence (Larry) E. Butts, P.E.
Since graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA in 1985, Larry has been a team leader and member on over a thousand projects involving municipalities, utilities, co-operatives, consultants, government entities, contractors, industries and commercial clients. He has extensive experience in substation designs from 4160V to 500kV and is extremely resourceful in finding value engineering opportunities and expediting components when delivery is paramount. He is a Professional Engineer and a registered member of the Electrical Contractors Board in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee – 1994, and has been a long standing member of the IEEE.

Project management and direction of engineering and operations for all divisions and departments.

Electrical utility, industrial, and commercial contracting, engineering, substation packaging, manufacturing, and component distribution experience since 1985.
Project Mgmt/Electrical Eng.
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Jason Harris
After graduating from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce and Business Administration in 1995, Jason has worked in the electrical product distribution industry for a major distributor and substation packager. He has an expert and in-depth knowledge of vender resources, products, and shipping logistics. This is extremely valuable in those situations when needing responsive venders in a emergency. He has a will do attitude, exceptionally high energy, and strives for perfection in customer service with a slice of intelligent humor to help lighten your day.

Substation packaging project management, product 
sales and sales representative management.

Electrical distribution and substation packaging experience since 1995.

Sales Manager/Project Mgmt.
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Since obtaining a technical degree in engineering drafting – 1979, William has had one career. He has been in the substation packaging industry and has been a team member on thousands of proposed, designed, and completed substations. William has expert knowledge in substation compatibility and layout, vender products, vender resources, regional and geographic specific conditions, design requirements from 4160V to EHV, and can generate an accurate budget and design with only the bare minimum amount of information available.

Estimating, electrical design, and project management.

Estimating and design of electrical substation packages since 1986.
William Davis
Estimating/Electrical Design
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Mark Jones
Mark began his career in Substation design in 1997. He is another one of our employees that has focused his entire working career solely in the industry of substation design and packaging. With extensive experience in the use of AutoCad, Staad Pro (the premier structural engineering software product for 3D model generation, analysis and multi-material and foundation design software) and PLS Pole (a tapered tubular design software for custom structures), he has been involved in thousands of tested, tried, and proven structural designs and a team member on hundreds of projects working with Consultants, Utilities, and Contractors across the entire United States. Mark attended the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Birmingham obtaining a BS in Civil Engineering. Mark is a member of both Tau Beta Pi and Chi Epsilon Engineering Honor Societies.

Substation packaging project management, steel and electrical substation design.

Steel, electrical, and civil substation design since 1998.
Project Mgmt/Civil Engineering
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Larry Van Horn
Larry began his career in the substation packaging business in 1987. He is another one of our employees that has spent his entire working career solely in the substation packaging industry. With extensive experience in all areas of the business (warehousing, shipping, detailing, designing, checking, plant management, etc.), Larry makes a great addition to the knowledgeable staff at Peak Substation Services. Larry’s strengths lie in his understanding of the many facets of steel design and being able to communicate complex issues effectively. He also brings the experience of having been a key team member on thousands of projects working with Consultants, Utilities, and Contractors across the entire United States.

Checking, steel design, and project management.

Steel design, project management, and steel fabrication since 1987.
Project Mgmt/Civil Design
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Susan Park
A native of Michigan, started her working career in Georgia in 1987. She moved to Alabama in 1995 and began working in the substation packaging industry with utilities, consultants, and contractors across the United States. Susan has been a team member on thousands of Utility and Industrial substation related projects. She prides herself in having a professional level of multi-tasking ability and having extensive product knowledge along with a dedication to customer satisfaction through expert, detail driven customer service.

Accounting, purchasing and shipping logistics for all departments.

Sales, customer service, accounting, purchasing, shipping in the substation packaging industry since 1995.

All employees have been together as a team in the substation design and packaging industry since 2001.
Accounting/Customer Service
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